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- Why did the elephant paint his toe nails pink? - To hide in a strawberry patch. - Did you ever see an elephant hiding in a strawberry patch? - See how good it works?

  yo mama's so dumb

you mama's so dumb so got hit by a parked car.


two flies are sitting on a piece of shit; one of them farts; the other one says "hey do you mind, I'm trying to eat here"

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  Closed Bull's Eyes

Q: What do you call a sleeping bull?

A: A bulldozer.

  Yo mama's so ugly... kid

Yo mama's so ugly, she made a blind kid cry.

  Grandma & Grandpa

Grandma & Grandpa are sitting on the porch, when all of a sudden Grandma slaps Grandpa.

"That's for 50 years of the worst sex I've ever had."

They're both silent for ten minutes. Then Grandpa slaps Grandma.

"That's for knowin' the difference."

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Astrologer Booty Call...Planet

My third planet is misaligned. Can you adjust it for me?

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