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  Jim Breuer: Mosh Pits

The band starts playing, and everyone just starts running around and pouncing each other to show how much they like the band. What happened to clapping, man?

  Robert Hawkins: Singing in the Car

If you want to sing in my car, go ahead, sing. Sing the whole trip, I don't mind. But do me a favor: don't try to sound like the artist on the radio, just use your own voice. You're not going to trick me into thinking Dave Matthews jumped in the car when I was getting gas.

  Bruce Baum: White People Invented Rap

I was doing some musical research, and I found out it was actually white people that came up with rap music. Only, they call it square dancing.

  Richard Lewis: The Next Legend

I was thinking about The Boss, The King. It's sort of sad -- the next legend, what are they gonna do? 'Ladies and gentlemen, Veal Cutlet!'

  Richard Lewis: Long Wedding

We ran out of classical music -- that's how long this wedding went on.

  John McCain's Band

Q: What is John McCain's favorite band?

A: Limp Bizkit.

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