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  Yoga Instructor Booty Call...Free

Free yourself from your well as your pants.

  Yoga Instructor Booty Call...Karma

Getting good karma requires giving...and giving...and giving...

  Yoga Instructor Booty Call...Energies

Did you feel that? Our energies just touched! And we should always follow our energies...

  Astrologer Booty Call...Moon

I think my moon is rising.

  Astrologer Booty Call...Planet

My third planet is misaligned. Can you adjust it for me?

  Childless Psychics

Q: Why can't psychics have children?

A: Because their husbands have crystal balls.

  Frog's Dream Girl

A small frog goes to a fortune teller and asks if he is going meet a young girl.

The psychic says, "Yes, you are."

The frog replies, "Where? In a bar or at a party?"

The psychic says, "In biology class."

  Yoga Instructor Booty Call...Past

In my past life I was a horse; now I'm just hung like one.

  Lizz Winstead: Find Your Center

This guy's into this whole Zen karma thing, and he said, 'You know, Liz. You really need to find your center.' And I'm thinking, 'No, you find my center. That's why I'm going out with you.'

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Slip Into Something More Comfortable

Why don't you slip into something comfortable…like a coma.

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